18 December 2018 by Tris Tolliday

Enhancing Voice Technology

Enhancing Voice Technology

Multimodal is a new concept that is making its way into homes around the world. As consumers wrap their head around voice, Amazon and Google have introduced a screen into the mix.

In layman's terms, multimodal means; available on multiple different devices. This includes considerations for TVs (Amazon Fire Stick), Smart Displays (Google Home Hub), smart speakers, headphones, and other accessories.

Why does voice need a screen you may wonder? I thought the point of voice was to create more natural, flowing conversations. Well, you would be right, that is the point of voice. However, in order to create flowing conversations, you may need to show large sets of data or a visual representation. They say a picture paints a thousand words and as such, there are times when you don’t want your Echo dot to gush out 10 paragraphs when instead it could pop up a visual on screen.

Multimodal is all about amplifying an already fantastic experience with supplementary information. It is the cherry on the top of the cake, but with all things, this does come at a cost. Much as a cake shop must buy extra cherries to put on top of their delicious cakes, so must developers; they need to spend extra time to enhance experiences with visual flourish. 

An example of multimodal to get you started is ‘Popcorn Movies’ on Google assistant, a simple experience, enhanced with multimodal embellishment. On a Home mini or headphones, the voice app functions as normal, but use it on a Home hub or Android Phone, and your experience is enhanced with branding and supplementary information.

To summarise, Multimodal is another string to the voice bow, that can further improve the experience for users, and heighten awareness for brands. Informed decisions about use cases are essential to leverage the full power of this opportunity.

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