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06 December 2018 by Gemma Bianchi

Why We Shouldn't Just Ignore Voice Technology

Why We Shouldn't Just Ignore Voice Technology

The exponential growth of these incredibly smart technologies, means Voice Technology is now a fully-fledged part of our day-to-day lives and customers are in a position where they can demand a quick, easy and personal transaction, using the latest methods. Or they move on.

Thanks to heavy investment from organisations such as google & amazon in artificial intelligence, advances in speech recognition, and the ubiquity of voice-enabled devices and services is astounding. It’s easy to understand why.

Voice is exceptionally easy to use with plenty of examples from children to the elderly. The technology behind voice interaction is also improving all the time. Alongside this, the proliferation of devices means the technology is all around us. From speakers to fridges, thermostats, toys and TVs. It’s no surprise that nearly 40 million people in the US now own a voice-enabled smart speaker.

These developments are paving the way for businesses to adopt voice-enabled user interfaces to deliver engaging, more convenient customer experiences.

Why the urgency?

The rise of voice assistants, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, are paving the way for a fundamental shift in consumer behaviour that will impact every single business.

As uses for voice recognition technology grow and more users interact with it, the companies implementing voice recognition software will have more data and information to take advantage of. Not to mention the competitive advantage of ‘owning the moment’... more on this to come.

Voice technology is transforming how we work, shop, search, text and interact with brands and devices. With that, it has huge potential to transform how we run our businesses.

In the early days of the World Wide Web, you may remember rewriting entire websites for SEO. More recently, mobile technology prompted companies to rethink content and experiences to fit small screens and contextual moments.

Voice technology offers another opportunity to rethink everything.

Owning the moment

Whilst we don’t yet know exactly how voice search algorithms will work, what we do know is companies have the opportunity to ‘own the moment’ (or implicit invocation as google less catchily call it).

This is an interaction flow that occurs when a user makes a request to perform some task without requesting the brand by name. If you have deployed a skill or action that can help the user with their task, owning the moment or implicit invocation provides a way for users to discover your Action or skill. Confused? Here’s an example..

User - “Alexa, I’ve spilt red wine on the carpet”

Alexa - “For that, you should speak with Tide”

Tide - “We’ve got this, what you need is Tide stain remover, to use…”

Whether voice reshapes your entire industry or simply becomes an extended channel for interaction with your product or brand, it’s important to consider testing the waters now....