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Chatbots and 
Conversational UI

Harness the power of artificial intelligence

The race is on

Create an intelligent, conversational chatbot

With over 3 billion messaging app users worldwide, this method of communication is more widely used than social media.
People want to communicate with their friends and family as well as their finances, insurance, shopping and more. They want 24/7 availability from these services. With Gartner predicting 85% of customer interactions will be managed without a human by 2020.

The race is on for every business to develop their chatbot.

Support your brand experience

How a chatbot can help your business?

Chatbots come in all shapes and sizes; from simple question-based bots through to bots that understand and learn from the conversations they have.

They can support your brand experience at every stage of their customer journey.

From product selection to promoting discount through to helping with renewals, customer support and concierge queries; they offer businesses a true opportunity to lower costs whilst improving satisfaction.

Fueled by business data and designed in-line with your brand personality, chatbots are relevant to every business across the globe.

This is how we do it

Agile and waterfall approaches blended

Work the numbers

Start the process but understanding investment costs versus savings you will make to establish the ROI success metrics.

Map the experience

Right from the first brand exposure through to lifetime customer, map each stage of the experience.

Select the tech

Vast amounts of platforms are being created, make sure you select the one that is best for your business and customer.

Create the conversations

Establish the questions, usage scenarios and customer intent to craft the conversations for the bot.

Expect the unexpected

Yep, you guessed it, make sure you have it covered if the bot gets misused, we can guarantee it will happen.

Test, test, test

Fairly obvious but testing is essential, don’t just make this an internal exercise, conduct real world ux to make it robust.

Review, learn and evolve

Once live, review the results, measure the success and extend the chatbot’s role over time to have maximum impact on your business.

There is more

Selecting the right technology

Just like any website, the technology you choose is of paramount importance. As Microsoft partners, we are skilled in utilising their extensive Bot Framework and Cognitive Services.

Alongside this, we can develop direct into Facebook Messenger and use Dialogflow, Chatfuel, Motion.ai, Botpress.io and more.

We can turn your chatbot into Alexa Skill and Action on Google - available for masses through smart speakers and assistant apps available on mobile devices.

We approach every project as technology neutral and establish your requirements up front to ensure we recommend the right platform for your project.

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Data integration utilising APIs

The quality and depth of data behind your bot will ultimately drive its success. We rarely start from scratch and focus on integrating your existing data sources using API technology.
We combine multiple sets and then use this data to create conversations to enable your chatbot to offer helpful responses.

More about chatbots

Baffled by bots?

So you may know your business needs a bot, but you might still be hankering after more information.

To support your chatbot journey, we have written this extensive guide for marketers looking to get the full low down.

Download our definitive guide to chatbots

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