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The Human Guide to Tech

Every brand and organisation has a goal, an aspiration, a story to tell, and obstacles to overcome. All of these rely on creating engagement with human beings.

Empathy, data, tech.

Use data to create understanding, use empathy to create engagement and use tech to weave it all together.

This guide will show you how to do this and it also highlights which trends are going to be impacting the world around us in 2019/20, and how you can understand, challenge and embrace them to stay relevant, create empathy and lead the way within your industries.

This is for the trailblazers

What is in it?

  • Inclusion Why is it vital for your company, your culture and your customers
  • Innovation See the brands that are innovating to leave their competition behind
  • AI What is the fuss all about?
  • Transparency In the age of fake news and cynicism, why it is so important to tell the truth
  • Echo Chambers The danger of only spending time, online and off with people who agree with you
  • Future Tech What tech will look like over the next few years - AR, bots, voice tech and more...

The Human Guide to Tech will give you insight and actionable takeaways that will help you implement these trends for your brand today and in the future.

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We are Greenwood Campbell, the human tech agency

We use empathy, data and tech to create engagement for your audience. We design and build award winning websites, transformational apps, inspirational voice skills and game-changing chatbots.